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When it comes to web hosting there is so much choice that it can be overwhelming to decide upon the best solution for you.

Some hosting companies are very expensive, while others are considerably cheap. However, is there a difference between them?

The answer is, of course, yes. Cheap hosting accounts have very limited resources, slow servers, a lack of important functions and often poor or non-existent support.

Stay way from those kinds of services.

However, this does not mean you need to go with them most expensive web hosting service on the market. In fact, far from it.

There are a lot of great hosting solutions at very affordable prices.

Here are some of the key things I like to look out for when it comes to choosing a hosting service.

6 Things To Look For In a Web Hosting Provider


Personally, I like to use Cpanel, mainly because I am familiar with it and, therefore, it will save me time having to learn a new system.

Unfortunatley, channel upped their pricing recently, and because of this some web hosting companies have decided to shift away from providing cpanel, and instead offer their own dashboard solution.

While this is all well and good, some good, some of them are not straightforward to use, and have limited functionality. Therefore, I personally would prefer to pay a little more for a service that is using cpanel.

Gzip Compression

I also look for a service that has Gzip compression enabled at server level. This simply means that you have the ability to compress all your files on the server so your website will load faster.

Since page load speed is not a ranking factor for many search engines including Google, anything you can do to speed up your website is very important.

24/7 Support

If you ever get yourself in a bind with your website, you want to have peace of mind that you can quickly and easily reach out to the tech support department. Not only that, you want to, of course, receive good quality support.

I look for a we hosting solution that offers phone, email and live chat support. For me, the latter two are a must, but if I see that a service also offers phone support then it ’s a very good indication that they take their support service seriously.

Regular Backups

Backing up your website is very important. If it goes down, breaks or gets hacked and you don’t have a backup then you can be in trouble.

Most hosting companies will at the very least backup your website once per week. However, a good service will run backups for you on a daily basis, and also keep multiple versions of your website on file.

If you are using WordPress then I can also recommend the free UpdraftPlus plugin to create daily backups on your behalf and store them on a remote location like DropBox or Google Drive.

Free SSL

Since 2017 all websites now need to have a valid SSL certificate. Websites without it will not get shown by browsers like Chrome and FireFox. It’s a move to attempt to make the internet more secure as a whole.

Any good hosting company should at the very least provide a basic SSL certificate free of charge.

Malware Scanning And Removal

Hacking and malware is a constant threat for all websites not he internet, therefore, internet security should be one of your primary considerations. It can cause considerable problems for you if you don’t know how to protect yourself.

Good hosting solutions will also, at the very least, provide free malware scanning for you. The very good services will also remove malware if your site gets infected.

If cyber security is an area of concern for you then we also recommend you read our eight tips to protect yourself against phishing.

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